Logistics concepts and solutions

The specific requirements of a logistics concept for C-parts vary depending on your industry and your company. “A concept that is perfect for you, may not be acceptable for another company.” This is why we apply your requirements profile when developing an individual solution that is tailored to your business. From defining and identifying the C-parts for your business and the relevant stock quantities to ensure continuity, to detailed planning and execution we can help and serve as a “true” partner for your business.

Modern IT allows solutions that save both time and money. We can limit your business processes to only what is “absolutely necessary” by providing a continuous service for managing your stock of C-parts. Our primary tools consist of stock determination solutions with scanners and e-mail or SMS messages that can be integrated into your C-parts storage system. Our solutions are compatible with the following basic system types:

  • Two-bin system
  • Consignment warehouse
  • Call-off warehouse

Other variants and formats can be discussed in person and can be adapted to suit your requirements. No matter what system you use: We never let achieving maximum synergy take priority over the fundamental aims of limiting tied-up capital, reducing process depth and simplifying workflows.